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Marty Staats Marty was raised in and is married with 3 kids and a dog, Sulley. He came to us with 34 years of Manufacturing experience. In his free time Marty enjoys traveling with family, backpacking and THE Ohio State University.

The Value of Inventory Traceability  

As an ERP and business consultant, I am often asked about the value of and need for inventory traceability. Inventory traceability is the ability to trace products and materials through the supply chain. For manufacturers, this feature is of particular concern. Manufacturers need the ability to trace the components and materials used in their finish…

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Strategic vs. Transactional Procurement

Having led numerous deployment projects as an ERP consultant, I work with organizations to optimize the use of their software and make their business processes more efficient. I’m constantly shocked by the lack of importance placed upon the procurement function within many of these organizations. In my multitude of discussions with purchasing department employees, I…

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“The Big Three” of MRP. Material Requirements Planning

MRP – Opening the Black Box Material Requirements Planning can seem like a mystery on how it does its magic behind the scenes. Let’s consider how you can help it work more efficiently and understand why it’s giving you the data it does. MRP is based on “The Big Three.” No, not the “Big Three” auto…

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How ERP and Your Baby are the Same

My wife always teases me about being the ‘King of Analogies.’ That doesn’t keep me from attempting to draw parallels between unrelated things. Lately, I have been thinking about the similarities between an ERP project and having a baby. Obviously, two entirely different activities, but indulge me in some uncanny similarities. Here is my take…

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CSI for Your ERP System

With the preponderance of crime investigation shows on television, it seems we have a fascination with the use of technology to determine the nature of a crime, its time and place of occurrence, and ultimately, the culprit. Now imagine the chief investigator stating, “After days of investigation, we have come to the conclusion that a…

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