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Doug Woeste Doug was raised in Kettering, OH and is married with 2 kids. He came to us with Subject Matter Expert, Project Management and ERP Consulting experience. In his free time Doug enjoys bicycling, hiking and traveling.

Real Time Inventory: Is it Worth the Effort?

It’s late Sunday afternoon and you suddenly remember tomorrow is your anniversary. You have the perfect gift in mind, but you have one opportunity to get it before the store closes. Real Time Inventory is a relatively new concept, offering an increased level of convenience and transparency between customer and retailer. As someone who has…

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ERP Project Recovery

It’s safe to say that ERP projects don’t always go as planned. Whether it’s scope creep, changing business requirements, or lack of buy-in, specific actions are needed when a project gets off track.  Most issues with ERP projects are not caused by the software’s functionality. So, where do you start?   The Five W’s; Who,…

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