Network Upgrades

Network and Infrastructure Upgrades in Columbus, Ohio


Update your network to handle tomorrow’s problems, today, with Revolution Group. An aging network affects every aspect of business, from lackluster performance and reliability, to compromised and ineffective security. An updated network infrastructure is paramount to any modern company’s continued success. At Revolution Group in Columbus, we work with your business to determine exactly what you need to update your infrastructure and achieve your goals. We provide a detailed plan and the necessary technology to modernize your company. 


When you choose to work with Revolution Group in Columbus to update your network infrastructure, you’re assigned a personal account manager that will work with you every step of the way. Your account manager will develop a roadmap for the entire process, detailing what current work needs to be done, and planning for future upgrades. This ensures that your network can handle the bandwidth of and stresses of a modern company for years to come. 


At Revolution Group, we understand that every business is unique. Strategies that are effective for one may not work for another. This is why we work closely with each company to develop a personalized plan for the future. We offer strategic guidance on the best upgrades for your specific field, and illustrate how to use these new technologies and systems. We provide upgrades for existing networks, or establish new networks to provide you with the solutions you need– all within your organization’s budget.


As technology progresses, businesses increasingly need to be able to adapt. Networks are the overlying fabric upon which an entire modern company is woven. As popular systems and servers become outdated, more and more companies are looking for innovative solutions to their infrastructure needs. At Revolution Group, we can facilitate the migration of your networks to modern systems, to ensure your company is up to date. Our experts can reduce your on-premise infrastructure and email by migrating them to modern, cloud based solutions such as Office 365. Off-premise infrastructure offers a host of benefits, such as quicker performance, increased security and easier accessibility. This migration can be implemented on your schedule, so you can plan accordingly. Revolution Group works with businesses to develop a comprehensive project outline, achievable milestones and a timeline that fits your needs. 


At Revolution Group, we know that regular network and infrastructure upgrades can have a huge impact on a company. They ensure that you are productive, secure and working to your full capacity. Our experts can work with you to develop a long term strategy that will keep your company up to date and ahead of the competition for years to come.