Configure-to-Order Manufacturing

Reimagining the CTO/ATO Opportunity to Fulfillment Cycle 

Companies that offer configurable product lines often have intense Configure-To-Order processes that require valuable product experts, kludgy estimating systems and too much time to estimate, validate and communicate.  CTO manufacturers frequently experience bottlenecks in their sales, estimating, and product launch processes that leave them vulnerable to market competition, expensive data replication activities, and customer satisfaction issues. 

Modern Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) applications like Configure One knock down the barriers and streamline the challenging configuration process, harnessing and standardizing the specialized knowledge of product experts.  Using this technology, complex configurations can be created and estimated by internal sales reps, directly by distributors, or even exposed to the customers for self-service configuration and estimation through a contemporary, guided website experience. 

World Class ERP systems such as Plex Smart Manufacturing bring these unique manufacturers the ERP framework the future will be built on. Technology designed to work on industrial scale. At the speed of the 24/7/365, always-on, hyper-connected, just-in-time global economy, Plex Smart Manufacturing offers a true breadth of superior ERP modules to meet the needs of today’s CTO manufacturer. 

Plex Smart Manufacturing and Configure One

Use the Revolution Connector to seamlessly link the impressive Configure One and Plex Smart Manufacturing systems and you have a completely integrated solution that truly achieves Best of Breed status within the CTO manufacturing market. Imagine, complex Estimating & Operations processes, integrated in the cloud that enhance the connection between your customer and shop floor, energizing sales and amplifying customer satisfaction. 

For sales channels that benefit from extended customer relationship management applications such as, the Revolution Connector extracts an even bigger advantage with a cloud driven 3-way integration between CRM, CPQ & ERP.  Seamless integration between these world class applications will revolutionize the unique challenges of the CTO/ATO manufacturer.  

About Revolution Group

Revolution Group’s ERP consultants average 20 years of manufacturing experience, and they are eager to put that expertise to work for you. Their rich understanding of manufacturing and business processes will help you find the ERP solution that best fits your organization’s needs. We partner with you to combine the knowledge and experience of your organization with our proven methodology, vision, and industry best practices to create success.

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