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Revolution Group Revolution Group was started over 20 years ago because we felt businesses needed a consulting company that really wanted to learn and understand their business. Someone who wanted an extraordinary long-term relationship and was just as passionate about their success as they were. Someone who could be counted on to always do the right thing. Someone they could be friends with, and twenty years later, that’s still who we are.

3 Tips for a Successful Bring Your Own Device Initiative

Over the last ten years, personal technology devices such as smartphones, tablets, and notebooks have advanced to a point that people rely on these devices for every day tasks. Employees rely on these devices to answer emails, check their calendar, set reminders, or access enterprise resource applications. As a small or medium sized business, keeping…

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Drive Your Business to Success with Plex

The word “drive” can be used in a few different scenarios – you can control the momentum of something, i.e., driving an automobile.  Drive can also be used motivationally – you can “drive” to constantly strive for improvements, efficiency and perfection. Here’s how Revolution Group’s partnership can drive your business to success with Plex. The…

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Chatter Messenger Rollout

With the release of Summer ’12, Salesforce has rolled out the new Chatter Messenger feature. Chatter Messenger provides a free and secure instant messaging solution to organizations, unlike applications like AIM, Windows Live Messenger or Gtalk which send messages over the public internet. Chatter can be used with all editions of Salesforce, including and…

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