Let’s Chat about the Live Agent Chat Feature in Service Cloud

Customers expect to be able to reach you in whatever way is most convenient for them. Phone, email, chat, text, social media – whichever their preferred method of communication, they count on you to offer that as an option. Companies that don’t extend customer service through all channels are at risk of losing clients to their competitors who will. We value the Live Agent feature of … Continued

What is Blockchain and Why Do I Care?

If you listen to the experts online, Blockchain is the next great thing.  It will do for financial transactions what the web did for information.  It will reduce the cost of things.  And it will mow your lawn, wash your car and pick your lotto numbers!  (OK, those last few I made up.)  But what … Continued

Salesforce Wave Analytics App

Salesforce Wave Analytics App offers a rich, responsive, mobile analytics platform for Salesforce users to analyze data and take action. Unlike other Analytics tools, Wave Analytics moves beyond basic snapshots to provide Salesforce customers with a “self-service” intelligence model.  With Wave Analytics, it’s possible to customize, connect, and deploy analytics from Salesforce quickly and easy. … Continued

3 Ways Community Cloud Invigorates Insurance Industry

Technology is rapidly shifting the way in which insurance operations engage with their customers. In this customer-centric environment, users of technology expect a seamless user experience as they complete a customer journey. In the insurance industry, users want the ability to interact, research and buy products online. Providing a flourishing digital hub for carriers, agents, … Continued

How To Inspire Underwriting Collaboration in the Cloud

As we’ve discussed in the ongoing Insurance in the Cloud blog series, the insurance industry is undergoing a dramatic shift. Empowered by developments in technology, professionals in the middle market and large enterprise sectors are taking advantage of the robust tools that are now available. This transformation has never been more apparent than in the … Continued

Leveraging Technology to Increase Producer Licensing Accuracy, Efficiency and Compliance

Moving Your Agency to the Cloud – Extending the Power of Salesforce for Insurance Professionals The insurance industry continues to dramatically change with many organizations shifting their focus to cloud technologies to meet changing consumer demands and improve business processes. Over the course of the summer, Revolution Group Salesforce Consultant Bill Malaska will highlight the … Continued

Integrate External Resources with Lightning Connect by Salesforce

As technology advances, companies are taking advantage of the numerous enterprise-level software services that are built to improve efficiency by automating processes. In the past, integrating external sources of data into Salesforce involved hours of custom coding and duplicating the data to link the new system. There was no true way of communicating with backend … Continued

Taking the Hassle Out of Big Data

Big Data. Big data was the buzzword of 2014. Everywhere you looked, technology companies were buzzing about big data. According to a recent study by Gartner, 73% of organizations have invested or plan to invest in big data in the next two years. But what is big data, and what does investing in big data … Continued

3 Salesforce Winter ’15 Features We’re Excited About

It’s that time of year again – Salesforce Winter ’15 release has come and gone. There are some exciting new features that will improve your user functionality, both digitally and mobile. Below are the top-3 Salesforce Winter ’15 features we’re excited about. Salesforce for Outlook Users can now do more with tasks directly in Outlook … Continued

Salesforce AppExchange Solutions for Agents and Brokers

With millions of installs from the selection of thousands of applications available on the Salesforce AppExchange, insurance agents and brokers now have an array of choices to select from in order to orchestrate business on the Force.com platform. Here are three must-have Salesforce AppExchange solutions for agents and brokers: eSignatures While traditional agency management systems are just starting to … Continued

Relationships, the Independent Insurance Agent & Salesforce

Relationships matter and they always will.   Independent insurance agents know this better than any other business owner.  The product they sell is not tangible at the time of sale, yet their clients invest in them for the trust and advice they offer to protect them when it matters most – at the time of … Continued