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A Beginner’s Guide to Encryption

Have you had concerns about becoming a victim of hacking? Implementing additional data security layers – such as encryption – can seem daunting and unobtainable for those who don’t fully understand it. To help you better understand, here is our beginner’s guide to encryption.   What is Encryption? Encryption is a way to prevent unauthorized … Continued

Two-Factor Authentication as Additional Security

What is two-factor authentication? To understand two-factor authentication, you will need to know what single-factor authentication is.  Single-factor authentication is a common login where you have to enter your username and one password.  In this single-factor authentication model, anyone who can obtain your username and password, can get access to your account.   Two-factor authentication, … Continued

How Often Should I Replace My Servers?

Servers are such a vital part of a company’s technology infrastructure. Depending on how you use your server, your day-to-day operations could come to a halt if you experience issues like server downtime. By not being able to complete your day-to-day tasks, you’re sure to lose money. So, you ask, “How often should I replace … Continued

What is Li-Fi?

*Image sourced from TechWorld.com   New industry buzzwords are hard to keep up with – especially in the technology industry.  New updates, models, releases, and more are now coming standard with new names and acronyms.  Light Fidelity, or Li-Fi, is an industry buzzword we think is worth talking about.   The term Li-Fi was coined during … Continued

How Blockchain Works

Although still in its experimental phase with most corporations, blockchain has become a widely discussed topic.  Before we begin to discuss blockchain, we feel it is necessary to first discuss and understand how a ledger works.   Most checkbooks come with a paper ledger to track money in and out of an account and display … Continued

Will That Be Cash or Near Field Communication Today?

In the early 1980s, four of New York City’s largest major banks attempted to launch a new, innovative method of banking that would provide remote services to their customers.  These remote services would give customers the ability to access and utilize the banks’ financial resources without leaving the comfort of their own homes. This new … Continued

Which Type of Technology Consumer Are You?

Before making purchases, the typical consumer goes through a 3 step process: Product Awareness – the consumer either becomes aware that a product exists in the marketplace or realizes the need for that type of product Product Consideration – the consumer compares the product against other similar products available and weighs the pros and cons. … Continued

Do You Need an IT Consultant?

Determining if you need an IT Consultant requires a more in-depth look at your IT environment and business processes. Making a decision to hire an IT Consultant should include factors such as your future technology initiatives, budget, and current needs.  The first step in deciding if you need an IT Consultant is understanding what an … Continued

8 Things You Need to Know About Technology Alerts

Do you have technology alerts set up for your company? Even having basic monitoring and alerting systems can save your company time and money by notifying you before a problem gets too big.  Being prepared can mean the difference between a small, fixable issue and a catastrophic event that could lead to downtime and money … Continued

What is Hybrid IT?

Many companies today are transitioning to hybrid IT, so some of our customers are asking us: “What is hybrid IT and will it change the way I currently do business?”   Hybrid IT is a combination of cloud and on-site technology services and support.  It is mixing the two somewhat conflicting ideals into one smooth … Continued