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Why Managed Services?

Business owners are continuously faced with challenges to grow, to innovate, and to increase efficiency and productivity.  While many business improvement initiatives require the time and energy of the owners and/or C-level executives, IT Support doesn’t have to be one of them. From In-House to Managed Service Provider (MSP) Small and medium business owners often … Continued

IT Trends to Watch in 2019

Technology is rapidly changing with new trends popping up every year. Our team sat down to discuss what topics we believe are the hottest in 2019. Any questions or additional hot topics you’d like to learn more about? Tag us on Twitter or message us on Facebook! Cybersecurity IT Security should have the attention of … Continued

Does your Managed Service Provider (MSP) need a SOC certification?

Why your Managed Service Provider (MSP) should be SOC certified Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) are responsible for maintaining your company’s hardware, software and network infrastructure.  However, they are not all the same. How do you know if your provider has the right processes in place to reliably support your organization’s operations AND keep your data secure? What are the characteristics of a good service … Continued

How To Avoid Ransomware Attacks (Before It’s Too Late!)

Until recently, “ransomware” was a technology buzzword that you may have encountered online or heard your IT staff discuss around the water cooler.  Unfortunately today, it is not just IT lingo, but instead, a serious threat to businesses around the world. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, it is estimated that ransomware attacks will cost $8 billion in 2018 and up to $11.5 billion in 2019.  And, ransomware attacks on businesses are … Continued

Managed Service Provider vs. Hourly Support 

Have you ever considered living life without insurance? You could save a lot of money in the short term without paying insurance premiums. But, eventually, an accident, natural disaster or health issue will occur and could significantly impact you financially.   The same is true for technology in your business. While it might seem like you could save money in the short term, having a Managed IT partner will save you … Continued

Is your Company Secure?

Protecting your organizations infrastructure is much like protecting your home. At home, we take precautions such as locking our doors, turning on an alarm system and having a plan in place in case someone attempts to break in. It’s important to take the same kinds of steps when it comes to the security of your organization. We constantly hear about a new security breach at companies big and small. There is only one good thing that has come … Continued

Phishing Emails: What to Look for and How to Avoid a Data Breach

By now, you have probably read dozens of articles about cybercriminal activity and data breaches. Large firms like Equifax, Uber, Anthem, Target, Ubiquiti, and many more have had security breaches that have resulted in the exposure of sensitive customer information. With these massive data breaches, experts calculate that approximately 1.9 billion usernames/passwords have been stolen … Continued

7 Reasons MSP is the Right Decision for Your Small Business

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What is Blockchain and Why Do I Care?

If you listen to the experts online, Blockchain is the next great thing.  It will do for financial transactions what the web did for information.  It will reduce the cost of things.  And it will mow your lawn, wash your car and pick your lotto numbers!  (OK, those last few I made up.)  But what … Continued

Global Ransomware Epidemic: Know the email tactics used by cyber criminals

With yet another high-profile breach in security in our recent past (Equifax), you now have to assume that your personally identifiable information (PII) has already been compromised. Whether you are a consumer, business owner or an employee, you need to continue practicing a heightened level of skepticism.   As it relates to an email that you receive, there are 3 potential areas for you to take notice:  The email header-  Did the email come … Continued