Microsoft Teams Meeting

In this video, Revolution Group consultant Zach See demonstrates how to join a Microsoft Team’s Meeting through a Web Browser.

Joining a Microsoft Team’s Meeting through a Web Browser 

  1. Open the invitation to the Team’s meeting.  This can either be done through the calendar event for the meeting, or the invitation for the meeting you received to your email.  
  2. Once open, you will want to select “Join the Microsoft Teams Meeting.” 
  3. An additional web browser tab should open for you where it gives you the option to open the meeting through the Team’s app on your computer, or through the web browser.  You would want to select the option for the web browser. 
  4. Shortly after selecting that option, it should take you to a page where you can enter your name for the meeting, as well as select the correct microphone and speakers to use for the meeting. (This can be done through the Team’s meeting bar or through the side panel that appears after clicking the gear symbol).  
  5. Once your name is entered and you have the correct devices selected, click “join.”  
  6. You will then be placed in a lobby where you will need to wait to be let into the meeting. (Normally, the person who setup the meeting or sent you the meeting invitation would be the one adding you to the meeting). 
  7. You will know once you have entered the meeting, as you will see the initials of all the attendees in the meeting and the background of the meeting room normally changes to a grey color. 


Additional Microsoft Teams Features

There are some additional features and options you have one you are in the meeting that are all controlled by the Team’s Meeting Bar located near the bottom of the webpage You can… 

  • Turn on and off your web camera and/or microphone 
  • Share your screen with attendees in the meeting by clicking the “Share” icon and then selecting which computer screen you would like to share 
  • Open a messaging panel by clicking “Show Conversation” 
  • Open a full list of the attendees by clicking “show Participants “ 


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