Carlos Testa Plex EDI Specialist | ERP Services

Carlos was raised in Mexico City and is married. He came to us with SPS Commerce and GCommerce experience. In his free time Carlos enjoys playing the guitar, traveling and experiencing diverse cultures and delicious local cuisines.
Fun Facts
I had the pleasure of being part of Toastmasters in the past, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of preparing and delivering a wide range of topics during my speeches. Whether it was delving into literature, discussing sports or even exploring something as specific as the weather in Iowa, I found a lot of fun in the diversity of subjects I could explore and share with the audience.
What do you love most about Revolution Group?
One of the fundamental principles of Revolution Group is always doing the right thing. This value resonates deeply with me because, whether in personal or professional situations, we are constantly faced with numerous decisions. Some choices may be easier or more significant than others. However, regardless of the difficulty, prioritizing what is right acts as a guiding beacon, consistently pointing us in the correct direction. I aspire to constantly apply this principle in assisting our customers, contributing to their success.

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