Sales Transformation

Sell More, Better, Faster with Salesforce Sales Cloud  


Empower your sales team to sell more effectively with the world’s #1 CRM solution, Salesforce Sales Cloud. Equipping your sales team with Salesforce Sales Cloud is a great step toward securing the efficiency you need to compete. Salesforce gives your sales reps a more complete view of your prospects, opportunities, and customers. The Salesforce platform has proven itself as THE solution that helps sales teams sell more in less time.


  • Generate more leads, increase revenue and win more deals with increased productivity.
  • Enable your sales team with accurate data and automated sales processes.
  • Strengthen prospect and customer relationships with a personalized sales experience.
  • Track and measure performance in real time with customizable reports and dashboards.


As powerful as Salesforce Sales Cloud is out of the box, it’s only as good as its implementation. Revolution Group’s Salesforce Sales Cloud implementations are customized to help your company get the most from your investment. We help companies like yours harness the full growth potential that the Salesforce platform provides.


What you can expect from a Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation

Capture and Track Leads

Manage sales leads effectively and efficiently from the moment they enter the system until they become customers. Sales reps know the lead source, view them in real time, score them based upon their interactions and easily determine those that are highest priority.

Manage Accounts and Contacts

Know your customers and where they are in the buying cycle. With a 360 degree view of each account and contact — complete with activity history, customer communications and internal comments all in one location — sales reps can provide personalized service to each customer.

Automate Sales Tasks and Activities

Your entire sales process will be more direct and purpose-driven with streamlined and automated daily tasks, including activity tracking, email alerts and workflows. Sales reps get more done, faster, and are able to focus on the right accounts at the right time.

Mobilize your Sales Team

Work anywhere, on any device with Salesforce Sales Cloud mobile app that allows your sales reps to access, manage, and update your CRM data on the go. Collaborate with the rest of the team and get a real-time view of sales performance reports and dashboards, all conveniently within the app.

Manage Opportunities from Lead to Close

Easily identify and work the opportunities that will close faster and bring in more revenue. With a complete customer activity record, sales reps stay connected to the opportunities, knowing what stage they are in and the next step to lead to a closed won deal.

Track, Report, and Forecast

Manage your pipeline and forecast sales with data-driven insights that are accurate and up-to-date. Use that comprehensive view of your business to uncover trends, adjust sales KPIs, and ultimately drive more predictable revenue.


Revolution Group’s Sales Cloud Implementation

Whether you’re new to Salesforce or want to optimize your Salesforce org to better meet your company’s unique needs, Revolution Group Salesforce consultants can help your company get the most from your investment. We tailor your Sales Cloud implementation to encompass your budget, your business processes, and your company goals to ensure you see impactful results right away.

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