Sales Transformation

Lost time always means lost money. Every second, your Ohio sales team wastes with an inefficient Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can mean a lot of lost money. Smart businesses in Columbus and everywhere are equipping their sales team with the Salesforce Sales Cloud to ramp up their sales efforts and move their company to the next level.


Lightbulb DrawingWhat is Salesforce Sales Cloud?

A CRM platform that is designed to make pre-sale marketing and sales efforts streamlined and efficient. This sales automation tool allows sales reps to have a more complete view of their prospects, opportunities, and customers. have more time to call, email, and interact with customers. Your sales team will be more productive and your management will have up-to-the-minute information needed to make quick executive decisions.


Benefits of Salesforce Sales Cloud

  • Increased sales rep productivity
  • User-friendly marketing campaigns
  • Territory management
  • Data analysis with Wave Analytics
  • Increased insight into your sales pipeline
  • Sales forecasting


At Revolution Group, we practice what we preach

Revolution Group has been a Salesforce Consulting Partner for 10+ years. We use Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Financial Force PSA, Financial Force FFA, Pardot and Wave within our own business. Our Columbus business has quadrupled in size and we can help you do the same!

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