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Salesforce Services and Implementation in Columbus

Salesforce may be one of the best ways to keep track of sales, service requests, and information, but it’s only as good as its implementation. At Revolution Group, we can help you make the most of it.  Whether you’re new to Salesforce or want to better optimize it to fit your company, our experts in Columbus can help enhance your sales, elevate your customer experience, and maximize your return on investment.

We are a top Columbus Salesforce Consulting Partner specializing in Salesforce implementation, customization, and services. We make sure companies get the most out of their investment by helping them to continuously improve their system and take advantage of new features Salesforce adds to the platform. We take the best in class Salesforce CRM system and incorporate it seamlessly into your company and operations. By linking varying core business systems into one overarching CRM, key data becomes available instantly to those who need it.

Once Salesforce has been implemented, Revolution Group provides on-going Salesforce support services to help your business make continuous improvements, train new users, and incorporate new features. Our hands-on support ensures your business gets the most out of your Salesforce investment as the platform grows and evolves.

Whether you need a new system to run your business, help implementing Salesforce or assistance integrating Salesforce’s extensive features and functionality, the experts at Revolution Group can show your company the most successful path forward.

Sales Transformation- An inefficient CRM costs your company time and money. With Salesforce’s revolutionary CRM, your sales team can make every second count. Salesforce has created a CRM platform that streamlines the pre-sale marketing and sales efforts to make the entire process more efficient. Your sales reps will have a complete picture of their opportunities and customers by giving them greater access to your company’s knowledge base and up to the minute information.

Customer Service-  Customer service has taken on a whole new meaning recently. Customers want responses quicker than ever and are all the more vocal when they don’t get them. Salesforce’s customizable Service Cloud gives your customer service agents the tools they need to provide the best customer service possible. Featuring better insight into customer behavior, faster case resolution time, and automatic information routing, Salesforce Service Cloud makes customer service easier and more efficient.

Industry Solutions- While Salesforce is helpful in a variety of industries, the true benefits come once it’s been customized to your industry. Revolution Group’s Salesforce experts can provide your Columbus company with a fully customized CRM System that suits your specific needs. We have been helping Salesforce customers with industry-specific solutions for years, from manufacturing to insurance. We have developed unique products, configurations, and implementation services to fit the needs of our clients and companies to streamline performance and create a more efficient workflow.

Development & Integration- Generic CRM systems are more than just frustrating, they cost your company thousands of dollars and countless headaches. Instead of making your business work around a difficult CRM, why not customize a CRM to fit your specific needs? Revolution Group’s expert team of developers can create customized CRM solutions that work for your company now and will evolve as the industry advances.

From streamlining Columbus CRM services to tracking service requests, Revolution Group can optimize the benefits that Salesforce provides through efficient implementation, customized systems, and continuing support.

  • Gain a 360-degree view of your clients, prospects, or customers by compiling all known information in one accessible place.
  • Automate time-consuming tasks
  • Personalize your company’s marketing experience.
  • Build dashboards for executives to access important information needed to make decisions
  • Customize the platform to fit your individual needs

Revolution Group has implemented, integrated, and customized Salesforce CRM Services for a variety of industries, from manufacturing to professional services. Whether you need a good system through which to run your business or customization that you cannot do in-house, Revolution Group can help. Contact us today to learn more about how our Salesforce experts can help you.

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