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Top 4 Most Underutilized Salesforce Features

As Salesforce consultants for over 10 years, Revolution Group has had the pleasure of working with many clients, helping them integrate and optimize Salesforce CRM solutions to fit their business needs.  During this time, we have noticed an increase in the number of customers who are underutilizing beneficial Salesforce features because of lack of understanding … Continued

Revolution Group’s Favorite Salesforce AppExchange Apps

Salesforce’s AppExchange is filled with Apps designed to help customize Salesforce to fit your unique business needs. The AppExchange does a great job of categorizing available Apps by industries and functionality to help find the App that is right for you. Nonetheless, all of the choices can still be overwhelming.  To help sift through the … Continued

Salesforce Chatter for Business

Salesforce offers its users a Chatter for Business feature that intuitively connects you with the people and information you need to be successful. Salesforce Chatter for Business is primarily marketed as a Salesforce communications tool. While this is a function of Chatter, it really is just the tip of the iceberg of what it can do for … Continued

3 Salesforce Service Cloud Features You Should Get Excited About

“Being on par in terms of price and quality only gets you into the game.  Service wins the game,” Tony Allesandra, American best-selling author.  In 2015, Salesforce introduced exciting new features and enhancements to their Service Cloud to further revolutionize post-sale efforts between companies and their clients.  Service Cloud, coupled with Sales Cloud, has provided … Continued

You’ve Implemented Salesforce Knowledge – What Now?

NOTE: This is the 2nd blog on Salesforce Knowledge and how to determine if it is right for your company. If you have not read part one, “Is Salesforce Knowledge Right For You,” please click here before continuing. Part two will focus on what to do now that you have decided to implement Salesforce Knowledge. Ashley … Continued

Is Salesforce Knowledge Right for You?

Salesforce is a customer relationship management software system that has helped companies of all sizes maintain, track, and achieve their business goals.  With sixteen years of proven client success under their belt, Salesforce has expanded to include multiple user-friendly features, allowing customers access to a wealth of information.  One of those features, Salesforce Knowledge is … Continued

Salesforce Wave Analytics App

Salesforce Wave Analytics App offers a rich, responsive, mobile analytics platform for Salesforce users to analyze data and take action. Unlike other Analytics tools, Wave Analytics moves beyond basic snapshots to provide Salesforce customers with a “self-service” intelligence model.  With Wave Analytics, it’s possible to customize, connect, and deploy analytics from Salesforce quickly and easy. … Continued

Salesforce Winter ’16 Release Gives Us Chills

Salesforce is a global, cloud based CRM system that has provided countless customers with a user-friendly, yet extremely innovative, solution since being created 16 years ago.  Jessika Botruff, Salesforce Administrator for Revolution Group, is going to highlight her top 5 favorite features of Salesforce Winter ’16 release! 1. Process Builder Multiple Schedules The Process Builder just … Continued

Dreamforce 2015 is here! What we are looking forward to most

Dreamforce 2015 is a few short days away. 2015 will be Revolution Group’s eighth year in attendance, and we couldn’t be more excited to collaborate, innovate, inspire and imagine with some of the best thought leaders in the industry.   Ultimate Building Blocks This year, Revolution Group Admin Jessika Botruff will be participating in a panel discussion … Continued

Salesforce Unveils a New User Experience

Salesforce unveils a new User Experience to user groups around the world yesterday. Dubbed as “Lightning Experience”, the new User Interface (UI) is geared toward improving the User Experience for sales professionals in order to sell faster, work more productively, and make better decisions. The makeover goes beyond just a pretty facelift. The new Lightning Experience … Continued