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ERP Wish List – What Manufacturers Really Want

Today’s savvy manufacturers know what they want when shopping for new ERP solutions.  What factors impact their decision most? Our ERP wish list breaks them down:   Functionality tops the list as the most important factor in selecting an ERP system, followed by ease of use.  Cost of ownership plays a large roll in the … Continued

5 Important To-Do’s BEFORE Talking to ERP Vendors

The process of selecting a new ERP solution can be a daunting task and with so many options, features, and vendors to choose from, starting the process can seem overwhelming. In today’s blog, we highlight 5 important to-do’s when started your search for a new ERP system. Taking these steps before calling your first ERP … Continued

Barcoding – Beyond Retail

Barcoding is well known in the retail sector – nearly every store now relies on barcodes to track merchandise and complete sales.  As technology advances, manufacturing companies are also embracing the benefits of barcodes as a method to streamline processes and track inventory. How can barcoding benefit your manufacturing company? In the manufacturing environment, efficiency, … Continued

The Value-Add of ERP Consulting Services

Value-add is a common phrase in today’s business world, but it’s also an important question.  As manufacturers investigate new technologies and look to implement ERP solutions, they often ask value-add questions about third-party consulting companies.  Executives wonder if it is worth it to bring external consultants in to manage their projects or help them with the … Continued

Why ERP Implementations Fail

In one of our recent webinar “Leading People Through Change,” Revolution Group was asked: Why ERP implementations fail and what proactive steps do you recommend to get ahead of these?  Since this is such a great question, we asked our one of our ERP consultants Mario Lopez to address it in a blog:     3 … Continued

Drive Your Business to Success with Plex

The word “drive” can be used in a few different scenarios – you can control the momentum of something, i.e., driving an automobile.  Drive can also be used motivationally – you can “drive” to constantly strive for improvements, efficiency and perfection. Here’s how Revolution Group’s partnership can drive your business to success with Plex. The … Continued

CSI for Your ERP System

With the preponderance of crime investigation shows on television, it seems we have a fascination with the use of technology to determine the nature of a crime, its time and place of occurrence, and ultimately, the culprit. Now imagine the chief investigator stating, “After days of investigation, we have come to the conclusion that a … Continued