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ERP Selection Roadmap

When selecting an ERP system, there are multiple decisions and numerous factors to consider.  Where do you begin and what are the important criteria elements that you need to know before you start?  Our team of ERP experts have put together an ERP Selection Roadmap to help guide your journey.  This useful resource will assist you as … Continued

Manufacturing Intelligence

Manufacturers today are seeking technology solutions that optimize complex processes, reduce costs and give them more control.  Intelligent analytics or ‘manufacturing intelligence’ offers the key to solving many of these problems. Pulling meaningful analytics from your ERP system can give your company the ability to make smarter decisions and propel your business forward.   Manufacturing … Continued

What is ERP?

With modern technology exploding in popularity, you may have heard the term ERP used to describe a software or enterprise solution, but what is ERP and how will it benefit your business? What is ERP?   ERP is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning.  It is a methodology for effectively running a business and is … Continued

Modern ERPs Impact on Supply Chain Management

It is estimated that most companies spend up to 25% of their budget on supply chain management costs.  The flow of information, materials and dollars across a complex supply network presents many challenges.  Efficiently managing activities and processes to meet customer demand can be difficult.  And, most companies realize that there is a huge opportunity … Continued

ERP Tailored to Fit Your Needs

The goal of every Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) selection project is to identify the ERP solution that best suits the company’s needs, gives the company a competitive advantage, and provides the level of flexibility to support changes in strategy and growth.  With today’s modern ERP solutions it is now possible to achieve ERP tailored to … Continued

3 Big Benefits of Modern ERP

To be competitive in today’s global economy, manufacturing companies need to streamline processes, cut costs, and improve efficiency.  Many manufacturers are achieving these business objectives by implementing new ERP solutions.  Modern ERP can usher in a new way of doing business for your company with tangible benefits that impact your bottom line.   Here are 3 … Continued

The Case for Cloud

Cloud-based ERP solutions are one of the fastest growing segments of the IT industry, and in manufacturing, we see a notable shift from on premise ERP to cloud-based ERP.  In a cloud solution, your software, data, and related infrastructure are hosted remotely and accessed via the Internet. Why is the case for cloud so strong?  … Continued

What are ERP and MRP?

More and more, we see acronyms replacing industry terminology.  In manufacturing, acronyms like ERP or MRP are part of everyday conversation. What are ERP and MRP?  Director of Manufacturing ERP Services, Pat Welsh, defines ERP and MRP, and explains how they are critical to successful manufacturing.   Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) ERP is an acronym … Continued

6 Components to Successful Project Management

A successful ERP implementation requires effective project management.  Like any complex project, you will need proven processes and techniques to guide your work.  In today’s blog, we outline 6 of the major components to successful project management.   #1: Plan the work by utilizing a project definition document To achieve its goals, your project requires … Continued

4 Keys to Aligning Your Business Strategies and Your ERP Strategies

Technology is transforming the way we do business from consumer goods to industrial machinery.  As the manufacturing environment becomes more and more complex, businesses are examining their system processes to determine if it’s time to upgrade their ERP.  In today’s blog, we highlight 4 keys to aligning your business and your ERP strategies.  These tactics … Continued