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“The Big Three” of MRP. Material Requirements Planning

MRP – Opening the Black Box Material Requirements Planning can seem like a mystery on how it does its magic behind the scenes. Let’s consider how you can help it work more efficiently and understand why it’s giving you the data it does. MRP is based on “The Big Three.” No, not the “Big Three” auto … Continued

Manufacturing Process Methods Compared – When to Apply Master Schedule

We can generally sort Manufacturing Business processes into three groups: Make to Order, Assemble to Order, and Make to Stock.  Make to Order is also known as custom build. Assemble to Order is used in repetitive manufacturing. And Make to Stock covers mass production of end products. Let’s look at each one and see where … Continued

A Brief History of MRP – Materials Requirements Planning

The Birth of Manufacturing Thousands of years ago, when someone needed something, they had to build it themselves. Through the generations, some people began to be recognized for their skills in building and they were asked to build things for other people. A business was born. Eventually, these new businesses got very busy and, in order … Continued

How ERP and Your Baby are the Same

My wife always teases me about being the ‘King of Analogies.’ That doesn’t keep me from attempting to draw parallels between unrelated things. Lately, I have been thinking about the similarities between an ERP project and having a baby. Obviously, two entirely different activities, but indulge me in some uncanny similarities. Here is my take … Continued

Revolution Group Joins NetSuite Solution Provider Program

Tech Consulting Firm Launches Cloud ERP Practice with NetSuite to Meet Growing Demand for Cloud ERP   Westerville, OH May 25, 2017 — Revolution Group announced today that it has joined the NetSuite Solution Provider Program. Revolution Group, based in Ohio, is launching a cloud ERP practice with Oracle NetSuite Global Business Unit to meet … Continued

Learn the Ins and Outs of Cloud ERP

Cloud-based ERP solutions are one of the fastest growing segments within the IT industry.  These new solutions come with a wealth of options, features and benefits.  What does Cloud ERP look like?  In this blog, we outline the key features in 8 areas that differentiate cloud ERP.   Network & Configuration Cloud-based ERP solutions are … Continued

Who Benefits from ERP?

An ERP system manages business information by integrating data across functional groups within an organization.  Modern manufacturing ERP systems offer numerous benefits because linking your organization increases efficiency and quality, lowers costs, and provides greater organizational flexibility and decision support.  Who benefits from ERP?  Let’s look at how various departments can tap into the potential … Continued

The Benefits of Integrating CRM and ERP

In today’s modern manufacturing industry, many companies employ two systems to ensure their business and production processes run effectively – a Client Relationship Management (CRM) system and an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.  Often, these two systems run separately, but there are many benefits of integrating CRM and ERP.   What are CRM and ERP? CRM … Continued

Kanban and ERP

It is a common misconception in manufacturing that Kanban methodology is at odds with ERP.  After all, Kanban is a ‘pull’ system that pulls inventory through production as it is needed. In contrast, traditional ERP is a PUSH system that pushes inventory into a warehouse for stock.  But, today’s modern ERP solutions are far more … Continued

Project Management Tips

Project management is the engine that keeps great projects moving along.  As an ERP consultant, I’ve worked with many project managers to successfully implement new ERP systems within their companies.  Here are my project management tips to help you succeed:   ORGANIZE A great project starts with a good plan.  Having full project details with … Continued