Managed Security Services

Columbus Managed Security Services

Cybersecurity, in Columbus and around the globe, is a complex and ever-evolving challenge. From access management to end-point protection, it encompasses all aspects of your business. At Revolution Group, we want to make it easier and more effective. We believe that security management doesn’t stop once the systems have been put in place. It’s a constant process, an integral part of a company’s overarching strategy and success. It’s more than a single entity or IT project, it involves every department and every member of a company. Revolution Group’s proven methodology can help protect your business against current and future security concerns by creating a comprehensive security culture.  

Revolution Group is a local, experienced Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) focused on ensuring that your team, processes, and technologies work together to provide solutions that meet your specific needs. Whether you need assistance due to a specific incident, compliance and regulatory requirements, or strategy, we can help develop a security culture within your Columbus business. 

Revolution Group’s Managed Security Services Program focuses on optimizing four main IT categories in your business. 


Identity and Access Management

Being able to access your data is a core component of modern business. Revolution Group can make it easier and more secure than ever. We incorporate protections such as Multi-Factor Authentication and Azure Active Directory to ensure that the right people have access to your systems.


Data Protection

Data protection is critical to a company’s success. Revolution Group’s security team ensures that your data is protected now and in the future. From email security and encryption to intrusion detection and prevention, we can help keep your information safe. 


End-Point Protection

Security doesn’t stop at your servers. Our End-Point Protection ensures that your system is protected at all points of entry, from beginning to end. We provide antivirus and antimalware, client firewalls, URL filtering, and consistent patching for up to date security. 


Training, Education, and Compliance

Security is more than programs and services put in place. It’s a culture of constant awareness, as every member of your organization works together to protect your data and systems. At Revolution Group, we believe that security starts with people. We offer KnowBe4 and in-person security training, IT security policy creation, and vulnerability scanning, so your company is safe from every angle. 

At Revolution Group, we believe that security is a constant process. Creating a Security Culture is more important than any single protection, it is a continual improvement focusing on risk mitigation and management. Revolution Group has provided comprehensive Managed Security Services for a variety of industries, from financial to medical. Whether you need assistance responding to a particular incident, Managed IT, or an updated security strategy, our security experts can help protect your business. Contact us today to learn more about our Managed Security Services