Managed IT Services

Are you leveraging technology to work for you or do you end up working for technology?  If you’re like the majority of small to medium-sized businesses in Columbus, you know it’s nearly impossible to perform daily job functions without technology.  With Revolution Group’s highly-skilled, top-of-the-line team of specialists managing your IT, you can rest easy knowing your technology will be working for you when and where you need it.


Lightbulb DrawingWhat are Managed IT Services in Columbus?

A team of IT providers that takes responsibility for a company’s hardware, software, and network infrastructure maintenance through a proactive support model.


As the largest and oldest managed services provider in Columbus, Ohio, Revolution Group has the organization and staff to give you the service you need — when you need it. We start by hiring the most talented people who thrive on lifelong learning. Dedicated engineering teams — help desk, field service, project engineers, account managers, and vCIOs — all form one cohesive, all-star technology partner.


Companies who benefit from Managed IT Services…

…prefer an affordable monthly payment instead of large, unpredictable IT bills

…understand reliable technology is important to daily business operations

…want increased productivity through better use of technology

…can’t justify the cost of investing in a full, in-house team

…need the specialized skills that a large IT team can offer

…want to align their technology strategy with their business goals

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