RevON Licensing Manager Demo


Increased state regulation and expanded agency acquisition activity has resulted in an increasingly complex and challenging producer licensing environment for insurance carriers. The compliance risks inherent with managing separate manual processes across multiple platforms have prompted insurers to pursue new automated solutions that offer increased accuracy, reliability, and efficiency.

RevON® Licensing Manager overcomes the duplicate systems and manual processes for carriers by providing a single solution for tracking the entire lifecycle of producer licensing and management on the Salesforce platform.

Make producer licensing easy and efficient with RevON® Licensing Manager. Integrate the National Insurance Producer Registry directly to Salesforce, providing easy, real-time access to all your data without leaving Salesforce.

Key Features

Access producer data directly in Salesforce

By utilizing RevON® Licensing Manager, you can access and incorporate the critical producer licensing and compliance information directly into your Salesforce organization

Incorporate producer licensing and compliance information

RevON® Licensing Manager integrates NIPR Producer Database and Gateway into the Salesforce database for the most up-to-date information.

Producer Detail Report

The NIPR "Producer Detail Report" populates Salesforce with useful information for every producer in your Salesforce org such as:

  • State(s) Licensed in
  • License Number
  • Active Status for License Class
  • License Expiration Date
  • License Issue Date
  • Residency Status
  • LOAs the producer is licensed with
  • Writing Companies
    • Appointments
    • Terminations
  • Any regulatory actions taken against the producer at the state level

Process producer licensing changes more accurately & efficiently

Streamline your process with RevON® Licensing Manager. Reduce the number of records that are maintained, reduce the risk of entry errors, receive daily alerts to notify of changes to producers in the database.

Higher level of compliance

RevON® Licensing Manager eliminates maintenance challenges through housing all data in one location, ability to pull all of the producer data from NIPR to eliminate manual data entry errors, and provide an up-to-date view of license status change.