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NetSuite for Project Driven Manufacturers

Our discussion today will focus on NetSuite for Project Driven Manufacturers. For those of you who don't know us, Revolution Group is a Central Ohio based technology solutions provider founded in 1995. We have been extremely successful in helping our customers leverage technology to improve their businesses. I'm pleased to welcome Jennifer Kalister, ERP Consulting Manager with Revolution Group as she discusses NetSuite for Project Driven Manufacturers.

In our company's fifteen years of experience and in my five years of experience here at Revolution Group, the stories are pretty common across the board. Companies look to adding a new system in order to accomplish some really large scale company wide goals and reduce expenses along the way. Changing to a cloud based ERP system is not just an IT initiative, it is a tool that the company uses to improve every department in your organization to reach these goals.

Improving Visibility is Important

When an exec. team has to wait for the accountant to batch transactions, in order to gather finance data, that's a problem. When you have to wait until the end of the day to see what's produced on your floor, that's also a problem. Companies need real time information. They need to see how sales and purchasing are affecting the bottom line, today. If you promised a customer that a product would be in their hands in two weeks, you need to be confident that your demand shows you the lead times on your purchase components as well as suggest stock items that need to be reordered in a timely manner.

Most companies are looking to grow by knowing which products are the most profitable and by having access to better data. They need to know component, labor and overhead costs as well as actuals to make decisions on future initiatives.

Streamlining the need and the lead to cash process is very important.

Some suppliers require you to email PO's directly from your system and some might even require you to send Electronic Data Interchange or EDI. Many company systems are out of date, they need new licenses or they have a cap on available functionality. A lot of people are paying developers thousands of dollars to keep enhancing a dinosaur product to fit new business needs and they don't have the bandwith to keep up.

Keeping track of standard set up and production time and being able to track revenue and variances both in time are very important. Reviewing production variances as well as purchase price variances are a must. Other goals are to reduce cost costs within your own IT department. Manufacturing companies are looking to the software companies to do what they do best so that the manufacturing companies can be left to do what they do best.

Value propositions of deploying a Cloud based ERP

  • Easy to use
  • Flexible
  • Has visibility
  • Efficient
  • Secure
  • Reliable

NetSuite services over 40,000 companies with over 400,000 users in over 160 countries. NetSuite is the fastest financial management system per Gartner. NetSuite operates in many verticals, not just manufacturing.

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