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NetSuite and YOU: Director of Data Analytics

Learn how NetSuite native data analytics and data mining tool can help your team quickly generate reports for decision-makers of all departments, as well as how NetSuite SuiteAnalytics tool makes operating end users' work more efficient.
As a cloud ERP system, NetSuite's main goal is to make operations and operational performance visualization easier, in order to direct you to the areas that need more concerns right now as well as in the long-run.

Your interactive NetSuite dashboard can be customized to feature KPIs such as:

  • Real-Time Commission on Sales Reps' Dashboard
  • Easy Access to Open Invoices/Unapplied Credit Memos/Payments/Deposits per Customer
  • Made-to-Order Margin Report at Project/Order Level
  • Profitability by Sales Rep

If your organization is looking for a new cloud-based ERP system, or you're curious about if NetSuite could be right for your org, we're here to answer any questions. Check out more information about NetSuite or reach out to us at [email protected] or 614-212-1111.