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NetSuite and YOU: COO

Welcome to join our NetSuite and You webinar series for Chief Operating Officer, COO.  What you can expect from the webinar are some useful real-time performance reports and visualizations in NetSuite that allow you to access financials, subsidiary performance, expense report, margin report, budget v. actual, demand planning, and inventory management quickly from one central or a couple of dashboards.
As a cloud ERP system, NetSuite's main goal is to make operations and operational performance visualization easier, in order to direct you to the areas that need more concerns right now as well as in the long-run.

Your interactive NetSuite dashboard can be customized to feature KPIs such as:

  • Quick-view Financial overview
  • Inventory Trends over weeks, months or years
  • Cash flow trends, including easy-to-convert currency features
  • Powerful global search functionality
  • Quick action calendar including alerts, tasks, calls and more


If your organization is looking for a new cloud-based ERP system, or you're curious about if NetSuite could be right for your org, we're here to answer any questions. Check out more information about NetSuite or reach out to us as [email protected] or 614-212-1111.