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NetSuite and YOU: CEO

Welcome to join the third in our NetSuite and You series, highlighting NetSuite and the CEO.  As CEO, you must be intimately aware of every aspect of the business and how it relates to your overall strategy.  From sustaining profitability to looking for new opportunities to ensuring you are protected against disaster, you need the tools and data to make informed decisions.  We will look at the dashboard and reporting functionality of NetSuite that will allow you and your team to monitor your company in real-time and work together with centralized reporting without the use of disconnected spreadsheets.

Your interactive NetSuite dashboard can be customized to feature KPIs such as:

  • KPI's: Cash flow, Net Income, EBITDA, Cash Account Balances
  • Cash flow trends over weeks, months or years
  • Top 5 discretionary spending accounts
  • Average Days Sales, Inventory Turns
  • Forecast/Pipeline Analysis

In addition, your team members also get chances to monitor their own priorities such as A/R Aging, Cost Centers, commission real-time all help boost team motivation. Allows scaling of business and to modify reporting on-the-fly for pop-up issues. Remote work capability from Cloud.