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Revolution Group and Rockwell Automation Meeting

Featuring our Newman Technology Case Study


In 2001 Revolution Group joined together with a major Tier One Honda supplier to realize the power and potential of Plex MES. Built from and for the plant floor, Plex brought dramatic transformation to the organization, and Revolution became an evangelist in the marketplace!

Automotive customers are at the heart of our business, like Newman Technology, who adopted the full Plex stack and never stopped innovating on the plant floor. Newman credits the Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform and our consulting team with process vision and control not previously experienced in the supply chain. They have since utilized MES Automation and Orchestration and Production Monitoring tools to poke yoke difficult processes and provide real time feedback to management.

We have implemented or supported MES, QM and PM in nearly every client we have touched, whether we did it as a part of the full Plex ERP bundle, stand alone, or integrated into other back-office systems – 100s of plants, every possible configuration. We believe fully in the product and bring our enthusiasm and experience to every opportunity.

Because we understand manufacturing business processes from beginning to end and every point in between, our team of business savvy consultants and developers regularly design and build integrations with back-office systems to streamline processes for Rockwell clients.

We offer you our 50+ years of manufacturing systems sales & implementation skills. We regularly sit at the table with prospects bringing a strong belief in the value of Plex, decades of real-world experience and a mature vision to help your valued clients confidently choose Plex.

Learn more about Revolution Group and Newman Technology success story:

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