NetSuite Implementation

Columbus NetSuite Services and Implementation

As technology evolves, businesses need to evolve with it. Revolution Group and NetSuite make that process easier. NetSuite can streamline your entire business by providing a comprehensive view of your company’s finances, operations, Customer Relationship Management, and more. At Revolution Group, our NetSuite experts help your business implement the cloud-based software platform into your systems and customize it to fit your specific needs. 

From financials to supply chain management and beyond, NetSuite and Revolution Group give companies the ability to access their data and control their business from anywhere in real-time. 

NetSuite is the world’s most used Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, deployed by over 40,000 companies worldwide. Designed to streamline key business processes, it offers companies a complete single-view of their entire operation. Revolution Group’s NetSuite experts provide companies with effective accounting and ERP, Customer Relationship Management, services automation, and more, in an accessible, cloud-based software

Modern business is increasingly complex, and tracking everything from invoices to financial plans can be a daunting task. Whether your company has outgrown its current accounting software or is looking for a scalable ERP system, Revolution Group can help. Our experts work with your company to develop a customized NetSuite solution that is scalable to ever-evolving business needs. 

At Revolution Group, we ensure that your business gets the most out of your NetSuite system. We provide knowledgeable ERP consulting services to create the best solution to fit your business’ needs. Our proven process helps your company define your business objectives and develop a strategy to implement, integrate, and optimize your NetSuite ERP. Our professional team consists of experts with multiple skill sets and experiences to provide you with the best possible NetSuite ERP solution. 

NetSuite offers a variety of benefits to companies. Designed from the ground up to be cloud-based, NetSuite allows companies to do away with expensive on-premise platforms and servers, saving money on hardware and maintenance fees. This dedication to a cloud infrastructure means that your new system has built-in flexibility, giving your company the ability to seamlessly scale up, spin-off, and adopt new business models. NetSuite’s extensive customization allows you to easily personalize your configurations and migrate your data and changes effectively. 

With NetSuite, your business gets one unified management system that encompasses ERP, Financials, CRM, manufacturing, warehouse management, and E-commerce. It provides a complete picture of your business from finances to HR, with your entire system accessible from anywhere. Engineered to easily scale with businesses as they grow, NetSuite gives your company the ability to easily incorporate new functions and processes. 

NetSuite is purpose-built, featuring industry-leading processes that help your company evolve with progressing technology. Every company has unique requirements from their software, and NetSuite supports exceptional flexibility through its customization options. As a versionless, multi-tenant cloud solution, when you sign with NetSuite you get access to the most recent version with the newest features and resources.

At Revolution Group, we can help your company get the most out of NetSuite. NetSuite’s Software as a Service can be running in as little as 100 days, so your company can start benefiting from your new platform sooner. Whether your company is in manufacturing, retail, technology, or wholesale distribution, Revolution Group can implement and integrate a customized NetSuite System to suit your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our NetSuite Consulting Services.