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Revolution Group’s Favorite Salesforce Winter ’20 Release Highlights

The Winter ’20 release is the biggest release of the year preceding Dreamforce and taking us into 2020 with a ton of great new features! Here are some of Revolution Group’s favorite Salesforce Winter ’20 Release highlights.  

New Salesforce Mobile App

The new Salesforce Mobile App is one of, if not the biggest, upgrades available with Winter ’20. We can’t wait for everyone to make the transition and in true Salesforce fashion they have made the upgrade process easy with the New Salesforce Mobile App QuickStart. Those looking to upgrade need not go anywhere else. Found in Setup this Quickstart will provide you step by step instructions on how to upgrade and implement best practices. The new mobile experience includes upgrades to the (1)navigation items, thumb-friendly navigation bar, (2)quick actions at the top, lightning app launcher, and (3)new record page styling. What’s also great about the app is that you don’t have to force everyone to upgrade at the same time. You can phase the roll-out by granting access to the new app through a permission set. Revolution Group  

Reporting Updates

We found three great new features available in reports that we wanted to share with you. First, field to field comparison has been an idea on the Idea Exchange for 11 years and is finally possible in Lightning Experience Reporting. This great feature allows you to filter a report by comparing two different report fields. The feature is in Beta, but you can use it to compare number, percentage, currency, and date fields as soon as the release is available in your org. Second, row-level formulas are generally available with the Winter ’20 release. This feature is long awaited for report builders who have needed formulas that calculate for more than just the sub-total and grand-total rows. Third, we are excited to share that long text fields will no longer truncate after 250 characters and will now wrap text instead. I don’t know how many times the truncation of long text fields in reporting has given our clients’ feelings of disappointment. All three are much needed and awesome improvements to Salesforce reporting.   Revolution Group  

Recycle Bin is Back!

You never know what you have until its gone and every Salesforce Admin out there that pre-exists Lightning Experience knows how that feels. It’s not the sexiest new feature, but since the existence of Lightning Experience people have been asking for it to be brought back. You can now access the Recycling Bin without having to switch back to Classic. You or your Admin can setup a tab in the navigation bar or add it to your favorites. Bonus, you can also create new list views in the tab as you do for other objects. Great to have it back!   Revolution Group  

Calendar Availability View

If you or your organization use events and sync your calendars in Salesforce this feature is going to be a huge improvement for you. Multi-User Calendar View was available in Classic and is now available in Lightning as the Availability View. Use this new feature to easily add individuals or groups of users to your calendar view. Great way to schedule your next team lunch!   Revolution Group  

Sort Products on Opportunities & Quotes

Nothing gets a Sales Rep more annoyed than producing a quote with products listed in a randomized order. I know that the more structured the quote the better you feel about your chances of winning that deal and with Winter ’20 you can organize the products listed on the opportunity and quote in the order you like.   Revolution Group

The Winter ’20 release is full of many more great features, but these were some of our favorites. If you have not migrated to Lightning yet know that the rollout for Lightning is coming this October and while it may seem intimidating, these new features will help your transition to Lightning be as painless as possible – are you ready? If you’re more curious about the Winter ‘20 release, we’d be happy to talk with you about how you can utilize the new features to improve your business and make your users more efficient! Read more about the Salesforce Winter ‘20 Release highlights here.

Questions? Reach out to [email protected] or check out our Salesforce team!