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Top 5 Ways to Maximize Your Salesforce Investment

Salesforce is a powerful tool on its own. But, by taking advantage of additional Salesforce products and custom integrations, you truly put your Salesforce implementation to work. Check out our top 5 ways to maximize your Salesforce investment:

Bring your Marketing Department onto Salesforce with Pardot

Align your sales and marketing teams by implementing Pardot, Salesforce’s powerful B2B marketing automation tool.  Manage your email marketing, social media, landing pages and forms all with one platform.  Plus, with Pardot, you can easily track your customers’ journeys and nurture them along the way. And, now with Account-based marketing, or ABM, you can focus your marketing team and resources on a select number of high-value target accounts.  Measure the success of each asset and each campaign with an easy-to-use platform that will drive results out of the box.  

Implement Salesforce Service Cloud

Your sales team closed the deal and you have a great new customer. The next step is to build loyalty by wowing them with your customer service.  Customer Service has never been so easy as with Salesforce Service Cloud. Quickly route your customers to the right resources and support them on the channels they prefer: email, phone calls or chat.   

Customer service agents have all the customer information they need at their fingertips. Built-in AI gives recommendations on conversation responses and offers knowledge base articles to help agents quickly and efficiently solve customer issues. They are also able to identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities. Managers have access to customizable reports and dashboards to keep an eye on the metrics and trends like CSAT and NPS scores.    

Enable your sales team with High Velocity Sales

High Velocity Sales is a highly scalable solution that helps both sales teams and their managers.  High Velocity Sales conveniently organizes the sales rep’s work by cadence and priority, 

adding speed and efficiency to their process. Out-of-the box sales cadence automation allows sales managers and reps to build sales processes with unique steps (calls, emails, LinkedIn messages, etc.). Each cadence can be customized with a unique workflow depending on the prospect or target. Plus, users can upload customized email templates and call scripts.  

High Velocity Sales has an integrated voice component called Lightning Dialer which allows users to click to call. Custom screen pop-ups allow users to take notes, view call scripts, and close out activities with ease. Adding in the Lightning Dialer helps increase speed and reduces the fear of picking up the phone to make calls.  

Connect Your Field Service Team

Connect your field service team, contractors, and customers with Salesforce Field Service.  As work orders come in, dispatchers have a complete view of customer information and AI powered recommendations to determine next best steps. Job scheduling is streamlined with automation that prioritizes and sends jobs to the correct resources. Customers can book their own virtual or in-person appointments and receive messages that keep them in the loop.  Technicians have everything they need to know about the customer through the field service mobile app, increasing their efficiency and productivity.  

Integrate your Line of Business Apps

Are you using applications that are specific to your industry or a legacy system that contains valuable business information?  Bringing that important data into your Salesforce environment allows you to have a complete picture of every important customer engagement across the entire organization. This helps you provide a better customer and user experience by having all your information in one place and easily accessible. Integrating your line of business apps will bring you the data and reporting capabilities you need to make important business decisions. 

Revolution Group’s Salesforce consultants can help your company get the most from your investment with additional Salesforce products, custom integrations, and business process consulting.  We tailor your optimization projects to encompass your budget and your company goals to ensure you see impactful results right away. Contact us by phone at 614-212-1111 or by email at [email protected].