Press Release: RevON Licensing Manager Launch

Revolution Group, Inc. Launches RevON® Licensing Manager

Real-time Agent & Producer licensing to the National Insurance Producer Registry – NIPR℠ from the leader in CRM

June 22, 2015 –  Revolution Group, a leading technology integration provider specializing in the property/casualty segment of the insurance industry, announced today that it has launched RevON® Licensing Manager a solution integrated into

RevON® Licensing Manager makes producer licensing easy and efficient. Integrate the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR℠) directly to Salesforce, providing easy, real-time access to data in one common repository.

Increased state regulation and expanded agency acquisition activity have resulted in an increasingly complex and challenging producer licensing environment for insurance carriers. The compliance risks inherent with managing separate manual processes across multiple platforms have prompted insurers to pursue new automated solutions that offer increased accuracy, reliability, and efficiency.

RevON® Licensing Manager overcomes the duplicate systems and manual processes for carriers by providing a single solution for tracking the entire lifecycle of producer licensing and management on the Salesforce platform. Insurance professionals can now access data directly in Salesforce; incorporate producer licensing and compliance information; populate Salesforce with useful information with an integrated NIPR℠ Producer Detail Report; process producer licensing changes more accurately and efficiently; and maintain a higher level of compliance.

“The Salesforce Platform allows for a new generation of insurance specific solutions to evolve and we are proud to be a leader in the revolution by focusing on the needs of carriers, brokers, and agents alike,” says Mike Ravagnani, CTO and Director of Salesforce Services at Revolution Group.

“With the RevON® Licensing Manager in Salesforce, insurance operations finally have a single ecosystem for managing the entire lifecycle of prospecting, appointing and onboarding new agents and producers.”

Bring NIPR℠ and Salesforce together as a single solution for licensing producers.


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Revolution Group is a Salesforce partner. Based in Westerville, Ohio, it is a provider of Salesforce products and solutions to insurance professionals, including carriers, agents, and brokers. With extensive implementation, integration, and custom Force development experience, Revolution Group assists companies in their use of cloud computing applications to improve business processes, decrease costs, mitigate business risk, and increase revenue.

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Incorporated in October 1996, the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) is a non-profit affiliate of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). NIPR developed and implemented the Producer Database (PDB) and Electronic Appointments/Terminations. NIPR is governed by a board of directors that includes seven members representing the NAIC and six industry members representing a cross-section of the insurance industry. For more information, visit


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