Revolution Group Launches RevON® Insurance eForms

Revolution Group, Inc Launches RevON® Insurance eForms on Salesforce1 AppExchange, the World’s Leading Business Apps Marketplace

Insurance professionals will save time and ensure accuracy with pre-filled ACORD forms


Revolution Group, a Silver Salesforce Partner and leading technology integration provider specializing in the property/casualty segment of the insurance industry, announced today that it has launched RevON® Insurance eForms on Salesforce1 AppExchange.


RevON Insurance eForms allows insurance professionals to create pre-filled ACORD forms from data in both standard and custom Salesforce object records. This provides a dynamic and seamless method for Salesforce users to produce ACORD forms directly out of Salesforce, allowing insurance firms to bridge the gap between sales and service activities.


Never before have insurance professionals been able to utilize the power of Salesforce to produce ACORD forms. Now, at the click of a button, they will be able to create a prefilled ACORD form from their laptop or mobile device while working a new or renewal opportunity. With over 700 ACORD forms available, RevON Insurance eForms will simplify the gathering and transmission of data, eliminating the possibility of errors due to manual data re-entry.


“The open platform that is built upon allows a new generation of insurance specific solutions to evolve and we are proud to be leading this cause for independent agents and their partner carriers.” said Rick Snide, CEO for Revolution Group.


“Companies are looking to transform the way they connect with customers, partners and employees to thrive in the today’s connected world,” said Leyla Seka, vice president AppExchange and Partner Operations, Salesforce. “By leveraging the power of the Salesforce1 Customer Platform, Revolution Group provides customers with the proven social, mobile and connected cloud technologies to accelerate business success.”


Built on the Salesforce Customer Platform, the new social, mobile and cloud customer platform built to transform sales, service and marketing apps, RevON Insurance eForms is currently available on the AppExchange at


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About Revolution Group

Revolution Group is a Silver business partner and a member of ACORD. Based in Westerville, Ohio, it is a premier provider of Salesforce products and solutions to insurance professionals, including carriers, agents, and brokers. With extensive implementation, integration, and custom Force development experience, Revolution Group assists companies in their use of cloud computing applications to improve business processes, decrease costs, mitigate business risk, and increase revenue.

Revolution Group® and RevON® are registered trademarks of Revolution Group, Inc.

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ACORD (Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development) is a global nonprofit association founded in 1970 that facilitates the development and implementation of data standards and standardized forms for the insurance industry and related industries. ACORD also presents events, videos, research papers and analysis that offer insights into current industry technology and business topics. ACORD members include hundreds of insurance and reinsurance companies, agents and brokers, software providers, and associations worldwide.


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