Common IT Solutions Outsourced by Small Businesses

In a shift from previous years, small businesses are beginning to embrace commonly outsourced IT solutions over in-house solutions.  This move to outsourcing allows companies the opportunity to keep their data safe and their costs low.


Here are 3 commonly outsourced IT solutions…


  1. Data Protection


Protecting data, your company’s most valuable asset, is becoming more and more difficult as hacking and other security breaches continue to rise. In the past, companies would only worry about fires, flooding or other natural disasters as a way to lose data. We wish it was still that simple. In the healthcare industry alone, 111 million people were affected by hacking in 2015.  Not only did companies lose their customers’ data, but they lost their trust as well.


Small businesses have a challenge with data protection. They can’t afford to lose any of their data, but hiring a team dedicated to backups and other security measures can be cost prohibitive. In these cases, outsourcing is the most practical option. Hiring a data protection specialist to protect your most valued asset provides business owners with peace of mind and frees them up for other business critical tasks.


  1. Cloud Services


Small businesses find it difficult to maintain in-house IT services due to high costs and increased security risks. Cloud computing, cloud storage, virtualization and other cloud services are cost effective and safe, but understanding all that the cloud has to offer is not always feasible for small companies. In an attempt to answer that challenge, companies are turning to third party cloud services providers for help.


Moving to the cloud can be a daunting task if you are new to migration.  Small businesses who don’t have the resources are reaching out to Managed Service Providers to help make the transition smooth and seamless – no downtime, no data loss, no lost opportunity cost.


  1. IT Service Desk / Help Desk


Outsourcing your IT Help Desk can alleviate the many IT questions and concerns that arise within an organization on a daily basis. These questions and concerns can range from something small like a failed download to something major such as missing data.


If you already have a small IT team in-house, don’t rule out outsourcing. Your outsourced IT Help Desk team will be well versed in the troubleshooting issues that come up and will, in most cases, be able to use that experience to resolve help desk cases quicker and more efficiently. Outsourcing can allow your in-house team to focus on bigger picture items instead of the day-to-day issues.


At Revolution Group, outsourcing can be painless with our team of IT specialists. They will bring you the comfort of knowing your technology is in good hands. For more information on outsourcing your IT, call us at 614-212-1111 or fill out the form below.