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Kevin Perry Kevin was raised in Tiffin, OH and is a part of a large family, including 3 siblings and over 50 first cousins. In his free time Kevin enjoys running, lifting, playing basketball and volleyball, traveling and trying new restaurants with friends.

Top 5 Salesforce Spring ’21 Release Highlights

The Spring ’21 release is full of exciting features. Although the release doesn’t have any huge, game-changing features as we’ve seen in the past couple of releases, the new features and enhancements are exactly what we needed as admins and end-users. Utilizing the features in this release will allow admins to use native Salesforce functionality…

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Salesforce Summer ’20 Release Highlights

The Salesforce Summer ’20 release contains several features that reduce clicks and make end users more efficient. Here are a few of our favorites! Einstein Search Einstein Search gives users a new interface for global search.  This powerful new feature is broken down into three different permissions: Einstein Search, Natural Language Search, and Instant Actionable…

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Salesforce Summer ’19 Release Highlights

Living in this high-tech world is fun and exciting but can be scary at times. Whenever some new cutting-edge technology is released, many individuals are skeptical because they don’t fully understand how to utilize the technology or realize the potential benefits. The same is true with Salesforce’s three releases a year. With the couple hundred…

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Salesforce Winter ’19 release

The Salesforce Winter ’19 Release is here and there are plenty of exciting features to take advantage of. Here are a few of our favorite new functionalities to help your organization drive stronger customer experiences and relationships. Salesforce has added a feature that allows users to switch back and forth between two views: comfy and…

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