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Dario Veneziano Dario was raised in Siracusa, Italy and Shelby Township, Michigan, and is married. He came to us with a background in Bioinformatics as a post-doctoral researcher at The Ohio State University, leveraging skills on data manipulation and reporting. In his free time Dario enjoys spending time with his wife, family and friends, playing sports, salsa dancing, and contributing to formation activities at his church.

Salesforce Winter ’23 Release Highlights

The hot temperatures (for the most part) are behind us for this year (at least in the North American part of the planet!), and as the leaves turn into a variety of beautiful colors, we are reminded of the ever-changing nature of seasons. It is a time of transition and so it is also in…

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When Was Your Last Salesforce Health Check?

Maintaining the health of your Salesforce org is key to ensuring the consistency of your business processes and ability to conform with standards. When your org instance is in optimal health, your business operations can run at peak performance, ensuring that your sales pipeline and your marketing processes, with their automated features and implemented design,…

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