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Brian Shea Brian was raised in Glendale Heights, IL and Westerville, OH and is married with 5 children and a granddaughter. He came to us with CIO, CCO, CTO and CISO experience across a variety of industries. In his free time Brian enjoys activities with his family, traveling, fitness and sports.

2021 Trends to Watch: Cybersecurity

Last December, when we identified the 2020 Cybersecurity Trends, no one would have imagined what 2020 was about to unleash. Who would have thought that we would be facing a world-wide pandemic which will clearly continue into 2021 or longer?!  The trends that we identified in the list below for 2020 are still not only relevant, but many of them have become even more important due…

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Ransomware 101

Ransomware has been a fear of IT professionals and business alike for many years. No one ever wants to be that business on the news or that individual that clicked on something and instantly regretted it. In recent news the Ryuk Ransomware attacks against primarily Healthcare organizations has been devastating and the Ryuk Ransomware is believed to have…

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Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

In my continuing series of blog posts relating to “The Shift in the Modern Day Workplace,” I’m going to tackle the topic of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) in an easy, digestible way and explain how it relates to ALL organizations. In the past, DLP was a term primarily associated with organizations that are highly regulated…

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Remote Workforce Enablement

A few weeks ago, in my blog post, “The Shift in the Modern Day Workplace,” I discussed the many aspects of business operations that are undergoing a “shift” and causing business owners and executives to scramble to keep up with the changing times.  I want to continue the dialog, expand on the different concepts, and give you more depth and understanding of each specific…

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The Shift in the Modern Day Workplace

Business leaders are facing a new “Shift” when it comes to managing their customers and workforce. Regulations, guidelines and overall changes in how people interact are forcing a continually evolving new normal. Maybe the new normal is just survival. The concepts of Remote Workforce Enablement, Business Continuity and Security & Compliance are not new, but…

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What IT Departments Need To Do When a Remote Employee Leaves a Company

As nearly the whole business world transitions to a remote workforce, it presents a brand new set of challenges. One of the biggest questions companies are being forced to ask themselves is, ‘What do IT departments need to do when a remote worker leaves the company?’ At Revolution Group, we understand the challenges associated with…

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Microsoft Windows 7 and Server 2008 End of Support Reminder

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations are dealing with many new concerns and elevated risks: employee and organization health, business continuity, security, and remote workforce vulnerability to name a few. Unfortunately, criminals and cyber threat actors don’t take a break when times are uncertain. Instead they capitalize on the situation and increase their activity. Thus,…

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COVID-19 Top Concerns for Remote Workers

In a few short days, our lives and businesses have been impacted in an unprecedented way.  The COVID-19 pandemic emerged quickly and forced us to alter our personal plans and routines in the name of safety. Similarly, businesses had to react to keep operations fully functioning while following government guidelines to allow employees to work…

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