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3 Keys for Effective Account-Based Marketing with Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Account-based marketing (ABM) is an innovative strategy which allows B2B marketers to target specific prospects with customized messages. It can be a very effective tactic if implemented well. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, formerly Pardot, provides an effective tool to make this happen.

Both sales and marketing teams can utilize the robust capabilities of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement to help them reach their KPIs.

Marketing teams can monitor the accounts and contacts who visit their website and measure their interaction with marketing assets. This data can help them evaluate whether their existing marketing strategy is attracting and engaging the right audience and gives them the information they need to adjust and optimize their efforts.

Sales teams can also track the online activity of their prospects and use these data points to cater their strategy based on the content a prospect views on the website.

When executing an Account-Based Marketing strategy with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, monitoring three key areas can help marketing and sales teams reach the right people with the right information at the right time.

Lead Source Quality

Determining where quality leads (i.e., those from ideal companies) originate can help focus time and resources on what’s working and minimize the investment on what isn’t. Knowing this metric allows a business to spend money more wisely, thereby increasing the amount of quality traffic to its website.

Conversion by Industry Segment

An ABM-focused analytics integration allows a business to measure website engagement and conversions by industry segment. This insight will help marketing and sales teams make better decisions relating to targeted industries. They can prioritize accounts through lead scoring and grading set up with account-centric automations. This will ensure the right prospects are being nurtured with the information that matches their profiles. Additionally, the sales team receives notifications to help keep everyone engaged.

Targeted Account Activity

By monitoring the activity of visitors associated with a targeted company, sales teams will be able to develop messaging relevant to their interests. If, for example, a sales rep sees a targeted account is visiting the certification section of a business’ site, that rep can guide their next conversation with information about the certifications that company has achieved, hence providing messaging that matches the buyer interests.

Marketers can also set up automated Engagement Studio Programs designed to connect with and nurture leads from specific accounts with content and messaging created to match their interests and place in the buyer journey.

For B2B marketers, an account-based marketing strategy can help eliminate wasted resources, speed up the sales cycle and deepen customer relationships. The tools that make up Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement are built for B2B marketing and sales teams focused on key accounts. If your organization is considering and Account-Based Marketing solution, let’s talk. Contact us by phone at 614-212-1111 or by email at [email protected].