Be A Data Hero!

IntelliPlex Workshops

ERP systems have lots of data… so much data that it’s too complex to understand or use unless you have a powerful business intelligence tool. Introducing… IntelliPlex, Plex Online’s built-in answer to your big data dilemma.

Learn to analyze the rich data in your ERP system and make smarter decisions with IntelliPlex.

As the leading Community Development partner in the Plex community, Revolution Group offers IntelliPlex workshops designed by Plex certified consultants for end users just like you.

Our workshops will equip you with the data analysis knowledge you need to be your organization’s data hero!

Our recommended class sequence:

  • Basic Workshop
  • Find Your Data Workshop:  Production, Customer & Sales, Supply Chain, Accounting & Finance
  • Advanced Workshop

For more information about private workshops please contact: