Verizon’s Share Everything Plan

Verizon Wireless is turning heads with its latest announcement. Verizon announced a change in its plans that will be offered in the future, stating that they will be moving to a “share everything” model.

Currently consumers with more than one phone on a plan are used to sharing minutes and text messages but not their data. With the new share everything plans, Verizon says that customers will be able to purchase plans with a set lot of data as well as unlimited talk and text. They can then share those allotments amongst all of their devices (up to 10 devices) whether it is a smart phone, tablet, air card, or Wi-Fi device.

This announcement has many customers weighing the pros and cons. Verizon says these plans give the opportunity for some family plan customers to see some cost savings, but many are worried that it could drastically raise costs for individual customers. The new plan is set to debut June 28th. For now all current customers will be able to keep their existing plans. The other big cellular providers (AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile) have not yet announced a move in the same direction.

Below we lay out the pros and cons of the new Share Everything plan to help you decide which plan is best for you.

Verizon's "Share Everything" Plan

Graphic by Brie Rogers

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